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June 30, 2013
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Axel's character sheet by RawrSexyKitty Axel's character sheet by RawrSexyKitty
Amg I know he's only got his flat colors, but his skin might change a little but after I shade it! I'll add shading when I'm not overloaded with workkkk


:bulletred:Name: Axel Karahalios

:bulletyellow:Age: 14

:bulletred:Monster type/species: Half Breed: His father was a fire mage, and his mother a Valkeen.
:bulletred:Species Bio::bulletred:

Valkeen's come in a small range of shapes and sizes. Their skin tone determines their true nature. Lighter colors and cool blues represent happy and good nature. Red and dark colors represent a dark nature. They can have a wide variety of tails, including: devil tails, bushy tails, skinny tails, and scale tales. They always have horns and they are almost always a yellow hue. They have a good history with magic and came out of the wood work as a cousin on the devils. Though a few of them may appear to be other demons, you can always tell because a Valkeen will have yellow horns. In addition, they have demonic like summon symbols on the back on their necks. They are guarded very well, because if someone can trace that symbol on the ground, they can be summoned at any time. It's not entirely sure when they came to be, since they were often judged as other demons of similar looks. Many times a red valkeen with a devil tail will be confused with a succubus. They have survived in the shadows very well by masking behind other species. They are not well known and reside in the underworld.

:bulletorange:Grade: Freshmeat

:bulletorange:Glamor item: Suspenders

:bulletyellow:Favorite class: Mischief and Mayhem (ohhohoo! I get to prank people for a boss...)

:bulletred:Worst class: History (why is that important again?)

:bulletyellow:Current Classes: Music

:bulletred:Passed Classes: History

:bulletorange:Current Points: See Moxi

:bulletyellow:Natural weapons: Fangs, Horns, and slightly sharp claws.

:bulletred:Trained weapons: Fire Magic that his father taught him. A bo staff that his mother taught him.


This is similar to werewolves, if they are constricted with brass chains then they start to get weak. If they ingest brass it can make them deathly ill. If shot with brass bullets in a vital area it will kill them.

:bulletred:Valkeen mark::bulletred:
Every Valkeen has a demonic like mark on the back of their neck, if this is traced on the ground in any permanent sort of tool then they can be summoned right from wherever they are. Parents would use this to their advantage to keep tabs on their children, and unfortunately there are Valkeen's that are slaves to others because of this.

He hates the cold, he will be the most energetic piece of shit you'll ever know, until he gets too cold. He'd rather sleep the winter days away. He becomes lethargic and will loose his energy if exposed to cold conditions for too long.

:bulletred:Sensistive nose::bulletred:
Strong smells will cause him to have headaches, he can even smell magic (explained below in major skills) so he's constantly wrinkling his nose at something that smells unpleasant.

:bulletyellow:Major Skills::bulletyellow:

:bulletorange:Fire Magic::bulletorange:
A skill leanred from his father, he can summon small balls of fire and he can juggle and throw, they are very minor and will usually dissipate fairly quickly. Though they can catch things on fire, they are more useful as a cantrip right now than anything. He can also manipulate existing fire, snuff out candles and make existing camp fires more energetic, not much more than this.

:bulletorange:Shadow hands::bulletorange:
Nearly any valkeen can use this spell and use the hands to push things and even fight with them. The size of the hands depends on the magical potential of the valkeen.

:bulletorange:Magic scent::bulletorange:
Like smelling the rain, Axel can smell residual magic and be able to identify it. Higher levels of magic can give him headaches and can be overwhelming. 2 hours after someone has cast a spell he can still smell it, but much longer after that and he would have troubles tracking it. Though more powerful magic will stay around much longer like spraying way too much axe body spray...Example: If a Sophomore cast a spell it would be uncomfortable and he might even sneeze a lot. If a teacher casted magic the smell it could probably knock him out or cause him to be rendered useless for a while.

:bulletgreen:Minor Skills::bulletgreen:

All Valkeens can use their shadow hands to drain energies from the ground and other shadow magic. But because Axel is young, it's very possible for him to go past his limit and overload himself, causing him to go into violent discharge.

Valkeens can drain and store energy, as well as discharge it into their potential masters. Releasing magic into other can cause a energetic like effect.

:bulletyellow:Heal: :bulletyellow:
Using the energy that he collects he can heal himself and others of minor cuts and bruises.


The biggest little shit you know, he is the one that you'll want to pinch his cheeks and stab him all at the same time. He takes every advantage to say every rude thing imaginable if it's funny...He's never rude to be just rude but does things for comedic effects. Though he does have a soft heart at times. He knows when to stop kidding and to give people a break, but sometimes he pushes too far. If something bothers him, he is not afraid to speak up and make it right. He knows right from wrong and he knows what should be done, but the scar on his right eye proves that even if you're right...sometimes you'll still get hit for it. He's a troll he can't help it, he'll take every advantage he can to get under someone's skin, not that it's much of a weakness but it can get him into major trouble. On that same note, there are many ways to get under this trolls skin. He grew up being teased about not having hooves, any comments about his lack of them will cause him to shut down and leave.

:bulletyellow:Likes and Dislikes:bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen: Spicy foods
:bulletgreen: Cheese
:bulletgreen: Playing with Candles
:bulletgreen: Tricking people
:bulletgreen: Swimming
:bulletgreen: Sweets

:bulletred: Falling
:bulletred: Being picked up
:bulletred: Bitter foods (coffee)
:bulletred: Tea
:bulletred: Being teased about his Lack of hooves (no seriously...don't do this...)

:bulletorange:Character's Background::bulletorange:

Axel is half valkeen and half fire mage. His Father and mother were always very nurturing, his father and mother taught him how to defend himself. they also taught him about their valkeen ways and that because of his split heritage, he would be able to choose if he ever wanted a Master or not. You see when Valkeens hit a certain age they have a non physical chain that hangs off of their chest. When a potential Master comes along, sometimes they bond and be a part of each other forever. Axel was born without a chain it seems, or at least it hasn't developed yet. Never the less, his parents loved him and cared for him without any discrimination, but the other valkeen children were not. for a great majority of his 14 years of life he has been taunted and bullied. You see, all Valkeens are born with hooves and since he was a half breed he managed to get his father's human legs. This cause a hard outer shell for Axel and so he started to try and get back at the other kids. He would succeed some times, but other times he would just be beaten up and left along the shore. His parents were concerned so they contacted Axel's Aunt and Uncle, who happens to be Moxi's parents. They told them of Monster academy and how well Moxi was doing and enrolled him right away. Although Axel is mad that his parents removed him from this bullying, it was never getting better for him.

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Axel: *he scoffed and he rolled his eyes while crossing his arms, he wasn't impressed* I don't care what you say, you're acting stupid. *but after turning away for a long time her then looks back at the one in front of him and he gives a playful smirk* but I can forgive you if you feed me something *he chuckles and his tail swishes back and forth playfully*

Roleplay schedule: early mornings and late evenings
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